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About Life Sciences Trade Alert

Life Sciences Trade Alert is written for trade compliance professionals at pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech manufacturers and distributors. Our experienced trade reporting team, which includes a Licensed Customs Broker, communicates with inside sources, reporting on life science trade compliance news as it happens to keep you informed. The team also digs deeply into myriad federal agency websites to provide readers with real-time alerts on important rulemaking and regulatory developments.

Compliance officers, customs brokers, supply chain managers and senior executives will benefit from coverage that allows our readers to stay ahead of complex customs regulations, trade negotiations, court cases and pending legislation in the following areas:

  • CBP entry and export requirements for the healthcare industry, including:
    • Tariff classification
    • Country of origin
    • ACE filing requirements
    • Ports of entry and the Centers of Excellence and Expertise
    • Trade programs like reconciliation and CTPAT
  • FDA regulatory and enforcement activities and considerations, including:
    • FDA filing systems
    • Import alerts and enforcement
    • Product tracing requirements
    • Labeling
    • Facility registration
  • Actions by other Partner Government Agencies, including:
    • EPA regulation of chemicals
    • DEA restrictions on controlled substances
    • FSIS rules on the importation and exportation of animal products
    • APHIS Lacey Act enforcement

Life Sciences Trade Alert is a sister publication to International Trade Today, which was originally founded in 1985 as an informed compliance resource for Customs Brokers. Since then, it's become the essential daily news source for trade professionals looking to stay up-to-date on the complex, often disjointed and unfiltered trade regulatory environment.


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